Village Tourism

Village tourism also known as rural tourism has been recently getting popularity among trekkers and cultural explorers. Unlike Nepal ecotourism, village tourismwelcomesboth international and domestic travelers mostly in the rural areas of Nepal. Gain the experience of day-to-day life in the traditionally rich remote areas of Nepal!Their nomadic yet unique lifestyle, traditional norms and values, and cultures that have preserved since centuries will add unique nevertheless wonderful experience in your life.
In Nepal,village tourism has been considered as the grass root level of tourism. Primarily, local people have been promoting rural tourism in Nepal. Nepal eco-friendly village tourism offers you homestay service in many remote areas of Nepal. In the entire world, the wonderlandhas been one of the chosen destinations for adventure, nature, and cultural tourism including the artist.Homestay service in Nepal came along with the concept of village tourism. This service provides you the superb opportunity to have the first-hand experience of village life. You will get the chance of participating in all kinds of cultural activities along with the locals. Their day to day activities, local language, norms and values, customs could be easily learnt. In Nepal, guests are respected as a god which is very common among every community. Enjoy the warm hospitality of local people which sure will be your exceptional life experience.
The friendliness of local families creates a suitable learning environment for the learners. Besides advantages that tourist gets from village tourism, local people can update themselves along with the developing technological world. Youth from recent areas could get the chance of interaction with international travelers that will help them grow both personally and financially. As a result, quality of village tourism; facilities and services, local lifestyle, and rural facilities will be improved along with growth in quantity in tourist.
These days, due to social media, people have been aware of the beauties that this world has been preserving fordecades. People want to explore the world, experience the unique lifestyle, culture, and traditions. The ancient history, art and architect, culture, tradition,monasteries, diverse landscapes, high mountains, and highest mountain peaks have been the source of increment in the number of tourists in this country. Availability of varieties in flora and fauna and dense forests have captivated people towards jungle and wildlife safari in Nepal.
Not only gaining daily and cultural experience, you surely enjoy the marvelous views of remote areas that remain unspoiled and unexplored. Witness the mesmerizing views of highest mountains, beautiful lakes, and Himalayan glaciers. The long trek or even a short trek around the isolated areas of Nepal will be your unforgettable life memory. Plan your journey in the rural parts of Nepal, it’s Around the Himalayasresponsibility to fulfill your plan.