People of Nepal

Nepal is a multicultural, multiethnic, and multilinguistic country.Nepal is home to many snow-capped mountains of the world, mysterious landscapes, eye-captivating natural sceneries, beautiful lakes, splendid Himalayan glaciers, and so on.This country is home to 125 Nepali castes/ethnic groups as per 2011 Nepal Census. According to 2011 Nepal Census, out of 26 million population more than 80% people of Nepalare Hindu followers whereasrest of the population follows Buddhism, Islam, Kiratism, Christianity, and other. Moreover, Nepalese hold the beauty of Nepal.
Nepal has mix communities; caste, race, status, and backgrounds. The tradition, culture, language, and customs of Nepal varies from one region to another. The diversities in Nepalese caste presents the varieties in festivals, customs, and occasions which have been one of the leading causes behind the increment in tourists these days. Folklore is an integral portion of the Nepalese community that too varies from one region to another.These little things are the significant attractions of Nepal that differentiates it from other countries. Though there are cultural and religious diversities, welcoming international visitors with a warm heart and treating them as god is a mutual culture of Nepal. Their friendly nature helps, you to adjust quickly and learning will be much easier in such a comfortable environment.
In Nepal, traditional values and beliefs have been deeply rooted and itsprinciples are whole heartedly followed by them. Usually, People of Nepal build their social connections through spiritual celebrations and beliefs. Families and relatives get together during various occasions are very mutual among Nepalese. Majorities of the Nepalese follow the famous mantra, “Athiti Devo Vaba”. It means for them Guests are like God and they welcome their guests full heartedly. Generally, by folding two hands people of Nepal greet their either known or unknown guests saying “Namaste!” with a cheerful smile on their face. It is a common culture in Nepalese communities to offer water in plain regions and tea in hilly and Himalayan regions whenever you visit their houses.
Explore this Himalayan land and meet the people who carry their own culture, tradition and beliefs. It’s always fascinating to experience the different lifestyle that varied from one part to another and one community to other. The best way to experience the typicalNepali culture and meet traditional people is traveling to Nepal around the remote areas. From recent years, home-stay has been popular among both urban and remote areas people. With the opening of many touristic parts such as the Mustang region and Dolpo region of Nepal which were restricted and hidden since centuries, traveling in Nepal has been gradually increasing and getting more and more popularity. See the people of remote areas, their warm hospitality would be your amazing life memory. You feel like you are in your own home and wish to see them again and again.
The Nepalese festivals differs according to caste and community. There are many ‘Jatras’ that occurs among Newari community, events among Magar, Gurung and Sherpa communities while festivals in Hinduismand Buddhism.Your experiences will completely be different among each community. The occasions of each ethnic groups are different yet joyful and mesmerizing. People of Nepal besides earning name and fame, love to enjoy togetherness with their families, relatives, and societies.