Lodge Booking

Are you planning for traveling in Nepal but worried about lodge booking and its services? With the years of experiences, Around the Himalayas team is here to provide you best services regarding booking lodge in Nepal. Our team has worked with many travelers. Majorities of the trekking individuals and groups face problems regarding settlements because of less knowledge about the system of Nepal. But you don’t have to worry! We already are aware with such problems that trekkers face while trekking in remote areas of Nepal. ATH team provides you best service valuing your time, effort, budget, and interest.

With the growing competitions among different professionalisms in this technical world, sometimes people want and need to escape out from the unpeaceful environment. These days, spending time with nature, exploring naturally beautiful places, observing life in remote areas, traveling with families, friends, and loved ones have been highly popular around the world. Making holidays trip and volunteering in remote areas of developing countries such as Nepal have also been famous in recent years. For most of the explorers and travelers, Nepal has been one of the hot destinations in the entire world. The suitable weather, affordable market, friendly environment, and flexible Nepalese people are some of the highlighted causes behind the increment of visitors in Nepal.
Nepal has a lot to offer for those who love to explore nature and experience adventures in their life. Splendid trekking trails, small yet beautiful villages, rivers flowing in between the forests, views of mysterious and snow-covered mountains, cultural diversities, ancient monasteries, unique lifestyle, and so on are some of the main attractions for travelers traveling to Nepal. For any reason, traveling in the remote areas of Nepal, a good lodge with quality services is required to spend quality time and fulfill your travel destination. Either you are planning for short or long treks, we are here to offer you the best lodge in the remote areas of Nepal.

You must be thinking that you could do lodge booking by yourself! At some extent, it would be successful but not all the time. You should be careful with your safety. Sometimes, lodge gets packed during trekking seasons and you need to do early lodge booking. Many times, your demand doesn’t match due to the lack of communication and understanding with locally based lodge owners. These things may create a lot of obstacles during your journey to Nepal. Moreover, bad lodging service will impact your dream to explore the Himalayan land. Your trekking journey will be full of frustrations and we know you don’t want to waste your valuable time and money!

Around the Himalayas have good networks with the locally available lodges. Booking lodge according to your need and choice, is our responsibility. For ATH, our clients’ safety and comfortability matter a lot that’s why we are one of the growing trekking companies in Nepal. Just leave a message via email or website, we have many options of your choice, budget and time. Feel free to contact us at any time from anywhere, we will be your best service provider.