Guide Porter Hire

Trekking in Nepal usually in remote areas, a good tour guide or a porter is essential for an enjoyable journey because of which trekkers should be careful with guide porter hire. Along with other services such as booking flight, lodge, and hotel, Around the Himalayas offers you the service of guide or porter hire, professional yet local. Though it looks simple, hiring a good porter or guide plays a significant role in making your trekking dream successful and worthful. You surely don’t want to waste your valuable time in the search of the better tour guide? If you couldn’t find the better, you absolutely will miss many things that will make you regret later. Do you want to make your trekking regretful or successful?
Normally, people think a tour guide job is simply to show trekking trails and providing information on the way. A professional and knowledgeable tour guide and porter have following qualities which undeniably are important to mark your journey worthful.
  • Professional Tour Guide:
The professional tour guides are highly skilled in various aspects of trekking and tourism and hold Nepal government license. They are well trained and have knowledge of maintaining professionalism both with trekking company and trekkers.
  • Experienced Tour Guide and Porter:
Usually, travel agency provides tour guide and porter at a cheap price. That’s because those lack experiences and skills to guide tourist in an effective way. Our tour guides and porters carry years of experiences in trekking field. They have become specialized in assisting trekkers in a suitable manner as they have walked through the trekking trails many times.
  • Familiar with trekking trails:
On the way to trekking trails, you need to be careful with weather change signs, topographical structure, and wildlife. They better know where to stop for clicking pictures, what to show, where to provide an explanation, where you need to be careful, and so on. They are well known with the terrains, trekking schedules, and environment, the best place to stay, suitable and safe lodges, have plenty of knowledge regarding local culture, people, lifestyle and traditions, and alert with climate change signals.
  • Safety:
Our tour guides and porters give hundred percent attention to your health condition and safety. Trekking to Himalayan ranges, altitude sickness is a normal health problem that trekkers usually face. But, after hiring guide and porter from trustworthy trekking companies like us, this problem is no bigger. For altitude sickness, our tour guide will organize one or two days stay for altitude acclimatization. They will always take your health condition seriously. trained with basic and emergency health services, be confident to mark your journey with them.
  • No language Barriers:
Our tour guide can communicate understandably with you.

Hiring a guide or porter by yourself could be risky most of the times. It’s always the best idea to contact trekking company to provide a trustworthy and helpful tour guide and porter. Our team having years of experience provides you with the best tour guide and porter as mentioned above because we value your time, money, and dream. Just contact Around the Himalayas via message or email, we surely make better arrangements for you.